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We're thrilled to introduce our brand-new TV studio, and we can't wait to welcome you! Sessions are priced at $200 per hour, with the flexibility to accommodate 1 or 2 people. 

Exciting opportunities await students as they delve into auditions, broadcasting, YouTube content creation, news casting, film acting, teleprompter skills, commercial making, documentaries, script writing, and much more! Leading the way as our esteemed instructor is the talented Jim Sidoti (Click Here for Jim's Bio).

Stay tuned for updates as we transform this vision into reality! We deeply value your patience and support as we embark on this exhilarating journey together. Join us by registering below and become a part of the Cassano Studio family today!

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Interested? Limited Spots are Available... Pre-register now to reserve your spot!

Stay tuned for the grand unveiling
of our spring opening date!

Thanks for registering for the TV Studio!

On-Camera Classes: Detailed Class Descriptions
Acting for the Camera


Learn the fundamental skill for acting in both the Meisner and Method Techniques, including concentration, objectives, obstacles, substitutions, text analysis, and scene work. Understand the technical and emotional adjustments required for working in front of the camera in a relaxed and truthful way. Learn to develop a relationship with the camera. 


Students will learn how to perform in front of a camera including blocking, reading teleprompters, what it means to “hit your mark”, and other camera techniques. 


Auditions: On-Camera and In-Person


Mock or real auditions. Most auditions today are self-taped, although there are occasions when an in person audition is required, especially on call-backs. Learn how actors audition for roles in the real world, as well as industry standards such as “slate shots”.


Personal Recordings


Students can rehearse and film monologues, scenes, YouTube videos, short films, or anything your imagination can come up with. Film commercials and learn the skills to sell on camera like a real professional. Learn industry terms like “call to action”, and “back to one”. Play them for your family and friends. 


Script Writing


Bring in your ideas or collaborate with an instructor to write scripts and then perform them for the camera. Script ideas can be for short stories, YouTube podcasts, documentaries, mock newscasts, advertising your favorite products for a commercial and more. 




Start your own YouTube Channel with your favorite topics and have it filmed in the studio. You can also write your own mock newscasts and recreate what the professional newscasters do on television. It’s your channel!


Learn interviewing on-camera techniques used by reporters in radio, television, and online. Create your own talk show in a Tonight Show style relaxed setting. 


Green screen fun! Fly with your favorite superhero or report live from the moon. Students can also interact with their favorite video game or animation. 


Take group trips or individual tours of local professional radio and television stations. Learn the history and fundamentals of both broadcasting and the FCC.


Teleprompter Techniques


Students can learn the skills necessary to work off a teleprompter. These are often used in commercials that use a spokesperson. Teleprompters are also used on live awards shows and sometimes in movies or television. Anchors for newscasts always use teleprompters, and it’s their job to breathe life into the words rolling on the screen.


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