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The Allen Cassano Project

This is my Dad. He sadly passed away on June 10th of 2018. He was a great dad, always teaching us kids the importance of respecting others, working hard and love for family.

I wish I could talk to him and hear his voice. I know many of you out there feel the same about your loved one. 

So at Cassano studio in honor of my father Allen, I created a special product where You or a Loved One can professionally record a message. I personally interview you and give a studio quality file of your choice. Once recieved, you can distribute the file anywhere and to anyone you wish. 


Who is for?

Anyone who wishes to record a message and wants to be able to speak to  loved ones.

How long is the Recording?

I'd like to get a half hour worth of audio. I realize it could be more or less depending on the individual.

Do I have to go to a studio? 

No, the studio comes to you. 

What form of payment do you except?
PayPal, Check or Cash

You can use this audio for many things:

-Special Events

-Talk to future generations

-Leave your Wisdom

-Say what you always wanted to say

-Leave no regrets


Add $20 for File Splitting (For Important Events) and Music!

**Ask about Group Rates**



With Each Purchase there will be a donation to the Kidney Foundation (5% of the Purchase). If you want to donate more and be a supporter click on the website below. If it doesn't direct you, just simply copy and paste the link in a browser.

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