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Cassano Studio is proud to introduce an unique, hands on Acting Class for the general public. Whether you want to be a Voice  Actor, Podcaster, Public Speaker or just gain confidence wherever you go, this class will take you on a whole new level!
Although I specialize in Voice acting, this class is so much MORE! I challenge my students on many different levels of acting and speaking. The awesome benefit is that I have a full studio for the students to use which includes: 2 Studio booths, Recording room, podcasting space and a classroom right here in Webster NY! We also have a 2nd Studio in East Rochester at the Piano Works Mall and we are  ONLINE as well!

We have a ton of fun recording, reading scripts, playing games and of course everyone gets to be a lead role in many of my audio dramas and commercial scripts. I have aplenty of references so please don't be afraid to ask.

Below are my rates and  many audio samples of what my students have done here in the studio or at a workshop. I look forward to creating something amazing with you all! call or write anytime!
Chad Cassano
Coach and Producer

Here is a cost guide for all my services:
Basic Acting and VO $30 Per Class( Group Class) (1 hour)
Music Appreciation $75 Per Class ( 1 on 1) (1 Hour)
Duo Acting Class $90 Per Student( 2 People)  (1 Hour)

1 on 1 private Class $150 (1 Hour)
Workshop $60 Per Student Per Session ( Out of Monroe County)
Workshop $30 Per student P
er Session ( In Monroe County)
Dialect Coaching  ( $30 Group, $90 Duo, $150 1 on 1)
Podcasting Class ( up to 2 people) ( Price includes fully Produced Podcast with Video)  $350*  Per Session
( Price Subjected to Podcast Length)
Music Producing ( Fully Produced Music written by You) $350 (1 on 1) (1 hour session)
Music production Class ( Learn to Mix) $150 ( 1 on 1 Only) ( 1 hour session)

TV Production Class ( see tv tab at the top) $200 Per Session ( can be split between 2 people)

Landing Page  $200
3 Page Website $600

Cassano Studio
Voice Acting Lessons that are Self Direction Approved
Virtual Voice Acting Lessons

Check out some sample audio clips and videos created here at Cassano Studio!

Student Recording - Cassano Studio
00:00 / 00:00
Rochester NY Voice Acting Lessons
Lessons in voice overs
binny boss.mp3Artist Name
00:00 / 01:18
Samual Conversation with himself1.mp3Artist Name
00:00 / 01:08
Book Author and the Storm - Cassano Studio
Student Recording - Cassano Studio
Fight Scene - Cassano Studio
College Promo - Cassano Studio
Romance Scene - Cassano Studio
Animal Planet Demo - Cassano Studio
self direction approved lessons
Cody and Ruben in Radio Bit
Aladdin cast 5.14.22
Flexible hours for voice acting lessons
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