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Chad Cassano - Instructor for Self Direction Approved Voice Acting Lessons

Chad Cassano

Owner, Teacher and Main Studio Producer.


I have been acting for years. After falling in love with Voice Acting, my wife and I started Cassano Studio in a little 3 person sound room. Currently we service over 100 students and own 2 studios to accommodate many more students. I absolutely love people and have made many friends. My goal is to help people find jobs in the world of voice and to help those individuals gain confidence.  

Jim Sidoti - Instructor for Self Direction Approved Voice Acting Lessons

Jim Sidoti

Teacher and Producer

Jim has quite the history of being on film and radio, they both have been broadcasted nation wide.  Jim has been a professional actor for a number of years, he has also spent time giving workshops and has provided lesson plans to help individuals be successful in their endeavors. He is also an on air personality for some of our Rochester radio stations.


For more information on Jim visit his website.


Tristan Berlet

Teacher and Producer

Meet Tristan, the multi-talented theatre artist and educator at Cassano Studio! With a wealth of experience in acting for stage, camera, and radio, as well as writing, directing, and dramaturgy, Tristan brings a dynamic skill set to his teaching and editing roles. Passionate about fostering a fun and nurturing learning environment, he is dedicated to passing on his expertise to his students. Beyond the studio, you can often find Tristan gracing stages in various productions across the Rochester area—he's practically a permanent fixture in rehearsals! 🎭


Derick Thompson

Teacher and Producer

Derick possesses a comprehensive skill set across the entertainment spectrum, encompassing film, theatre, commercial productions, live performance, mixing, and audio editing. Drawing from his diverse experiences, Derick tailors his expertise to meet the unique needs of each project, ensuring a high-quality and customized approach every time.


Collin Arend

Teacher and Producer

Collin's journey began with a humble role in a church play as a toddler, marking his early start in performance. His diverse experience spans commercials, feature films, short films, animations, and his original web series. With a passion for storytelling and character development, Collin is continuously driven towards his next creative endeavor.

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